Complex number n-th root calculator, step by step solution

This online calculator finds n-th root from complex number with step by step solution. To find n-th root first thing you must do is to choose representation form (algebraic, trigonometric or exponential). Below we represent some minimal theoretical knowlegde to be able to understand step by step solution given by calculator.

According the theory, n-th root from any number (nZ) has exactly n values. For example,

two values of square root of 4

More interenting example:

three values of cubic root of 8

where i - imaginary unit. As exercise, you can try to find third power of these values and make sure to get 8. There is a question: how to find all n root values from any given number? One should use the de Moivre's formula. So, complex number must be given in the trigonometric representation. Don't be worry, our online calculator automatically convert input data to trigonometric form as needed.

Given a complex number z in form. Find n-th root of z, where n=