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Welcome to our site. It aim is to help students to master some chapters of mathematics by solving typical tasks online, mostly for free.

The site has about 60 online calculator which can solve integrals, derivatives, limits, differential equations, plot functions make diffent matrix transformations include addition, substraction, multiplication, transpose, power, find matrix determinant, rank, trace, inverse, upper triangle form, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, find solution of any power algebraic equations and systems of linear algebraic equations with step by step solution. Besides you can get tangent equation, find Taylor series, ect.

There is also formulas chapter in our site where you can find many useful formulas from different chapters of mathematics.

Popular calculators:

Limits online calculator
Our online calculator handles many limits with step by step solution!

Derivatives online calculators
Our derivatives online calculators allow to find simple, partial, implicit function and parametric function derivatives

Online indefinite integrals calculator
Our online integrals calculator is able to get step by step solutions for many types of indefinite integrals!

Partial fraction decomposition online calculator
This type of task appears when you try to find indefinite integral of rational functions.

Inverse matrix online calculator
Our site can handle many linear algebra tasks such as: matrix rank, matrix determinant, characteristic polynomial All linear algebra online calculators have FREE step by step solutions!

Cubic equations solver
We have the best is the web online cubic equations solver. It can solve the cubic equations with parametric coefficients.

Latest news:

NEW! 17/04/18: Add new online system of linear equations solver by Cramer's rule

NEW! 26/03/18: Add new online function extremum calculator

NEW! 04/12/16:
Add new online decart plot calculator

NEW! 06/09/16:
Add new online long division calculator with step by step solution for free

NEW! 18/03/16:
Add new online calculator to find vector decomposition in basis

NEW! 16/03/16:
Add new check whether the system of vectors forms the basis

NEW! 10/03/16:
Add new check vectors collinearity and complanarity online calculators

NEW! 06/03/16:
Add new check vectors orthogonality online calculator

NEW! 02/03/16:
Add new volume of the parallelepiped and volume of the tetrahedron, build on vectors online calculators

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Useful formulas:

Derivative identities
There are many useful derivatives formulas on our site!

Logarithm identities
Almost all known logarithms formulas you can find on our site!

Primitives table
There are many useful integrals formulas on our site!

Radical formulas
Formulas for exponent and radicals are presented!

Trigonometric identites
Big collection of trigonometric formulas! Some special and unusual trigonometric identities are presented.

Limits identites
Main limits identities are presented. Also some examples and ways to calculate the limits are reported.